Newbie, I want to recreate this in rhino


Waffle structure?

it would be awesome to output this to a laser cutter



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seems ‘easy’ provided you’ve already created that same (or similar surface) manually and you don’t want to go with grasshopper.

With that surface already shelled or offset you can create planar surfaces arrayed with polar array and intersect those with your shape:

Then generate surfaces and intersect in the other (vertical) direction…or use contour…

But yes, grasshopper…some options out there to get you close to ‘automatic’ waffles…

That’s probably not a good project to try to learn Rhino and Grasshopper.
I’d recommend starting with the tutorials in the User’s Guide found on the Learn page, to get a good grounding in modeling with Rhino.
Then you’ll be ready to dive in with Grasshopper.
With those skills under your belt, then a project like that should be quite doable.

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not arguing at all - though I believe we all learn differently…many times you need a software and you must hit the ground running to get to your goal and solving a problem without previous experience (can) force you to look for hacks and shortcuts.

I remember I had never touched Rhino and I got a deadline to remodel Toyo Ito’s serpentine pavilion as a school project:

It is so easy to ‘replicate’ now, both manually or with grasshopper…oh but did it break my head that week!! (8+ years ago)

…but once turned in…I knew “enough” rhino to defend myself until graduation :grin:

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I disagree, in my experience the more complex projects help you learn the software better. Simple projects like the ones in Rhino’s user manual (for Rhino 3 when I was learning) bored me and I ditched the tutorial pretty quickly. I decided on building a stadium by the International Olympic Assc. Standards that kept my interest and desire to learn going.


I’m trying to model this at the moment, it’s my first time using Grasshopper and am pretty new to rhino so any help is greatly appreciated!

Hard to find accurate dimensions for the offsets (other than the blade extrusions)

Send Help :smile: !

Hello - what is ‘this’?

In any case, I recommend learning a bit about Rhino -

A bit about GH:

Then, once you have started and run into a specific problem, feel free to ask here, provide a file, images etc so that we are not just trying to teach you from scratch with no context.


Oh! Thanks for your response, you may have missed the time replying to corellaman regarding Toyo Ito’s serpentine pavilion.

I’m very much enjoying learning rhino and grasshopper so far and look forward to learning more!