Pull and Move points

Hello world,

I would like to select multiples points in rhino interface and pull it on a surface.
Pull fonction works like i would, but he create a new point and don’t move my original point. It’s a problem because grasshopper is running to make a Network Surface, so i can’t change point.

I tried a Script call “MoveProject”. It works for one point, but i have to select twice the point + the target. It’s too long.

Does exist an another function to move my points to target?

If not, is it possible to make a Rhyno Script to “pull” multiples points, take new coordinates, change coordinates of my inital points and delete the pulled points? Is it a good way to think? :smiley:

I let the file to test.

pullgh.gh (13.6 KB)
Pull.3dm (46.0 KB)

Here is a quickie script to run in Rhino that will allow the pulled points to keep their original object id’s - and thus the GH reference.

PullPtsToSrf.py (1.1 KB)

Thanks a lot! This is work perfectly as i need.
I try to understand the script now :slight_smile:

The only thing the script does that is remarkable is use a “Replace” function for the pulled points, which means they retain their original object id’s. Many Rhino native functions which have the option to delete the original or not (like Pull/Project) always make copies (with new id’s) and then delete the originals if that option is chosen. That means that there is no chance to keep the original ids using these native Rhino commands.

Most of these functions were written before the advent of History or Grasshopper - both of which use the original ids to track the objects - and have not been changed since.