Move one point among many points in Grasshopper

Hi everyone. I am a new here. But I have question. Somebody knows how to move only one point among many points on the curve (by divide curve points in Grasshopper, not control points in Rhine) ? Thanks in advance

Link your file and screenshot !

Two ways

  1. Make a list of values equal to the number of points. Make each value 0 except the one you want to move.
  2. Separate that point from the list of points (with list item or other components like sift with a patterns) move the point, then insert the point back into the list.

Thank you a lot for your suggestion.
But I think I need other thing. It is in Grasshopper.
It is in 5th video tutorial course on 0.11-0.12 seconde of David Rutten (
I can’t catch just one point on the curve to move and make wave of curve. If you could watch this video… Thank you again

Hi @baian.2009,

In the tutorial David is not moving points from the divide component in grasshopper, indeed if you look closely you will see that he is actually modifying the position of control points of the curve in Rhino:

I hope I understood your question correctly and that this helps.


Thank you a lot Lina.
It’s exactly answer to my question.
I had doubt about control point in Rhino, but not sure about it.
Best wishes