How to prevent dialog: Loft command

I have the ‘loft’ command running continuously with an asterisk in my alias, so now I want to keep the settings of ‘straight sections’ so I always end up with a pop-up to confirm. How do I prevent the dialogue and fire the command automatically? Just tried with the help, but the prefixes won’t work properly.



Thank you!


You can use *-Loft instead of *Loft.
…To suppress the dialog box and use command-line options, prefix the command name with a hyphen (-) more

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Thank you @Mahdiyar this works, additionally, is there a way to even skip the command line confirmation click/step. thank you

You mean something like EnterEnd?: The EnterEnd command functions as pressing the Enter key to complete a command string for use in macros or toolbar button programming.

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thank you! but enter end would end the whole command before it starts at all.

you can make a macro with those options and asign it to a toolbar button or aliases, but I don’t know how to write it.

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this can work, duplicate the Loft button and modify it:


Thank you, tweaked it a bit to my needs :slight_smile: