Loft command continues after completion?

I start the command, select two lines, hit right mouse button, get my surface, and yet that DOS command line thing looks like this:


When this happens, it doesn’t accept any more input or anything else. I need to hit Esc to get back normal selection.

Why has this happened? I think it’s a recent thing, because I haven’t reacted to it before and it’s annoying as hell.

My Rhino version is 7 SR6.

That will show as long as the dialog is up, but should go away when you exit the dialog.


I’m in Windows. I thought only Mac had proper dialogs?

This has been the behavior since at least V5.

I’ve only been using Rhino for two years now, I think, and I haven’t touched it for a few months… but I suspect having an extra right-click to complete the command would have been the first bug I’d report on this forum… :laughing:

(This feels similar too how ExtendCrv continues after completion, but ExtendSrf does not. But at least ExtendCrv tells you it’s continuing. Frankly, it’s a UI consistency nightmare!)

No, you get a preview of that surface. There are still options on the screen to choose from. You need to hit Enter to accept those options and actually create the surface.

Ah. I think I can explain what confused me now:

The dialog never appeared for me when I made the thread.

Today, when I do the same, I get the dialog @Pascal mentioned.

Not sure what could have made the dialog not appear… I don’t think I was running two monitors at the time (I’m on a single 32-inch while at the home office).

If you run a command with a hyphen preceding the name of the command then the dialog box does not appear.