Questions about "-_Loft A _Enter E=36 S=_R R=0.1 T=_L"

I need help on this code. When I use this command to construct the sufaces from curves, the rhino always crash.But when I use “-_Loft A _Enter S=_R R=0.1 T=_L” without “E=36”,it will work well. why cause it? Is there a way to solve it?
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There appears to be a bug with the “E” entry, explained below. BUT:

The “code” you posted above is fairly useless for people to try to understand and help. Always use the full names spelled out in your macros, that way you yourself will know what they mean, as well as everyone else. Also it’s good to post an example file with a set of curves for someone to check.

Detailed explanations:

_-Loft initiates the loft command using command line options (bypass dialog)

A doesn’t mean anything, there is no corresponding option. Maybe you have a alias set somewhere… You probably need _Pause instead to be able to pick your curves, will also allow pre-picked.

You don’t need the _Enter here if there is a _Pause after -_Loft, the _Enter goes to the end

S=_R means _Simplify=_Rebuild (not Refit)

R=0.1 means _RefitTolerance=0.1 - but it is not needed since you are using Rebuild above.

T=_L means _Type=_Loose

E=36 means _RebuildCount=36 (rebuild surface with 36 points) This has a bug however.
Edit: I figured out how to fix it…
You can fix it by using _RebuildCount 36 (space, not “=”)

So your complete macro looks like this:

-_Loft _Pause _Type=_Loose _Simplify=_Rebuild _RefitTolerance=0.1 _RebuildCount 36 _Enter

The fact that the command line does not accept _RebuildCount=36 correctly is present in V5, V6 and the current WIP, surprising that someone hasn’t caught it previously… Will file a bug report.

That is not entirely correct. If you preselect curves then A stands for Automatic, or automatically adjusts the seam point. Similarly _Enter is only necessary if curves have been preselected.

So, if you don’t preselect points the above script is correct, otherwise it would be

 -_Loft _Automatic _Enter _Type=_Loose _Simplify=_Rebuild _RefitTolerance=0.1 _RebuildCount 36 _Enter


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If the curves are closed… Thanks!

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I take the opportunity to ask about how to enter the functions of a command in a macro; Can you tell me how to enter the sweep 1 rail command?

First, start with some example curves and run the command with the dash - you will then see all the command line options (which correspond with the dialog box options). Copy those out exactly as needed (in order) and set the options as you like to make your macro string, and test all that in the MacroEditor until it works.

Here is some more info on creating macros:

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could you give me some example of the untrimmed miters function that seems to not work in a macro Thank you

Here are all the options:

! _-Sweep1 _Pause _Pause
_Automatic _Enter
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No no, that macro doesn’t exist! :wink:

// Rolf

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Thank you very much! :kissing::kissing::kissing:

Thank you very much! I’m really glad to recieve your replies!!:wink::yum:

RH-54665 is fixed in the latest WIP