How to position an object at a certain distance away from the other one?

This might be really basic knowledge, but I just can not find the answer from the search engine.
Many times I face the situation I need to orient an object from a certain distance away from the other object. Let’s say I want to orient a cube 100mm x direction away from a sphere whose position I do not know, or I like to draw a circle 50 mm away from the other circle.

I certainly can draw a line from the center of A to some place and orient B to the other end of the line, but I wonder if there is a simpler way.


Hi Quan Li - the “From” object snap will help here.

  • Select the object to position.
  • Start Move and snap to a point on the object - a Cen (ter) of a circle for example.
  • At the prompt for the point to move to, type in ‘From’ and Enter.
  • Snap the From point to the target object where the distnace should be measured.
  • Type in 50 (or whatever) and Enter.

Any luck?



Thank you very much! I finally know how to do it.