Setting up default mesh setting

Is there a way to set my mesh setting by default to custom? Currently every file I open is set to “jagged & fast” and it becomes very annoying to constantly to manually adjust this option to a custom setting.

Change the settings to your liking a an empty file. Save that file. Then call ‘New’ and browse to the file you just created. Check the ‘Use this file when Rhino starts’ check box. You now have created your own template that will be launched when Rhino starts.

Thank you WIM.
I should have added “on an existing file”. I am working on a lot of provided STP files forwarded from CREO and I would like to start all files with my custom mesh setting. Any ideas here?

I always import my Creo / NX Step files into Rhino - thus making sure I have my custom template settings with custom mesh settings and dimension styles and such. Yes, that means that you have to start Rhino first as opposed to just double clicking a STEP file in explorer…

I have this same problem with Unit settings. I need 5 digits, but Rhino defaults to 3. I’ve set it to 5 in my default template, and when I first open Rhino, it has 5. But as soon as I open a file, it’s back to 3. Infuriating.

Units/Tolerances are file properties, not global Rhino settings. (as are mesh settings, annotation styles, etc…)

OPEN ing a file will use the file units that are already present in the file being opened.
IMPORT ing a file will use the file units that are set in the open file and ignore the units in the file being imported.

Beware, importing a file made with lower tolerances into a new file with higher tolerances does not “fix” geometry. Things that have been joined at a lower tolerance in the original file may have problems in the new file with tighter tolerances.


The files I’m opening do not have Rhino settings. Rhino is finding a default value somewhere other than in the defaults we are able to set. If there are no settings in the file being opened, it should at least not change the settings that are present. Instead, it always goes back to 3, with no way to tell it to use a different value.

Import the file… --Mitch

If I import the file, it adds it to my existing project. When I already have a file, and want to open a new one to replace the current one, that won’t work.

New, then Import?

You could create a button or alias with the following:
! _-New YourTemplateName.3dm _Import


I tried this command in the button, but it still leaves the existing geometry, and appends the new geometry:

! _-New “C:\Users\mblischke\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files\Default.3dm” _Import

It’s weird, since it gives me the “Save changes to Untitled?” dialog, I say “No” and it clears my workspace and pops up the file selection dialog, but after I select a file, the old geometry is back, along with the new one.

Edit: It does the same thing if I do this manually. File -> New… then pick the template, and it clears my workspace. Then go to File -> Import… and select a different file, and both are present.

OK, that’s odd… It works here. Don’t know what might be happening on your end…
(you don’t need the full file path to the template file, just the name - if the folder location is already set in Options>Files)
Quick video


@Mblischke Are both sets of geometry present if you shut down and restart Rhino, and then import the file? If so then the other geometry is also saved in the file.

Hello - that sure seems weird… are you running plain Rhino? Any plug-ins? What if you start from scratch, a new Rhino session, open a template with New and then Import the file (are these IGES or STEP files, or?)