How to pair lines in this situation?

How can I pair the (204.2 KB)

  1. I grouped the corner lines inside tree structure, three lines to one node.
  2. I rotate the corner lines with their relative position not changing.

Now I like to do Blend Curves to the lines with their original relationship with their collinear lines.
I cannot find a way to pair them.

Here I did it with History on in Rhino.

The real lines I like to solve are a little bit more complicated than these lines, I internalized them inside the GH.

*It has Sandbox plugin, cannot eliminate that one. *

The final shape I like to achieve solving this:


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Hi Quan, this could be one way without sandbox:
How can I pair the (214.2 KB)


@saeed_hasan_zadeh Thank you very much!
This is a solution.
But I still like to solve this problem with the flow of my logic. Because I believe this problem can be solved with GH data structure manipulation. This kind of grouping-regrouping-grouping problem puzzles me quite long time.

Changed the lines 3500 (538.1 KB)

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Here you go:
How can I pair the (260.6 KB)

your heavy line like the new 3500-line is not working with Line Topology component in your own logic and your script need to be corrected, you may test it yourself but there is no problem with prep edges:

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Wow, Thank you very much!
This is a very good way to match the lines, I learned many things from your script.

@saeed_hasan_zadeh nice method to find parallel lines! the problem is that some nodes has 2 parallel lines by usind DotProduct you can adjust to find only the line with the opposite direction, now work fine with the 3k lines and @Quan_Li rotation.
How can I pair the (267.2 KB)

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Thank you very much for you solution, @ThomasE ! It is very good one!

@ThomasE dot product was nicer. good one. thanks