Line Clustering based on proximity

i need to find the apparent intersection points between these two sets of lines. Problem is that the tree structure does not match. How should i go about it? See the attached image

Find a way to cluster the lines so that they are properly grouped and structured and then perform a Closest Point To Curve for each group separately or anybody knows some kind of easier way i have totally missed?

So the first group of lines, the Horizontal ones, is one line per branch

The second group is 2 or 3 or 4 lines per branch

problem is the branches indices do not match
i hope this makes sense.

Thanks! (13.9 KB)

These things are easily diagnosed when a file is posted.

sorry my bad, i uploaded the gh file with the line groups internalised.
tell me if its not opening

So, you want them to be regrouped? (17.8 KB)

ohh thanks!! Closest point to surface was the only component i didnt try…Why it didnt work with curve proximity i dont know.
thanks anyway! exactly what i needed, i was totally stuck