How to orient an ellipse perpendicular?

I try to orient ellipse perpendicular as below:

How can I do it?


Hello - ArrayCrv should do it.


Hi @pascal
I thought about ArrayCrv. However, small ellipse will not touch each other precisely.
Other suggestion?

Hello - I do not see a good way to do this with plain Rhino tools - getting them to just touch is going to take some thinking… let alone making them work out exactly to the length of the ellipse.

You might be able to get something to work using Flow and History as in the attached file - if you move the ellipses along the line, the others on the large ellipse will also update their positions.
Ellipses flowed.3dm (62.1 KB)


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I can do it in Autodesk Inventor because they are many constraint tool. set up small ellipse equal each other. then set them tangent each other.
set small ellipses tangent with big ellipse.