How to tangent 2 eggs shape?

I model 2 eggs shape as below:

I move small egg to end of big egg.
How can I make small egg tangent with big egg?
Look like this:


I assume that these “eggs” are flat curves. If this is true, first determine one point on each curve where you want them to touch. Next use Line command with Perpendicular> FromFirstPoint option to draw lines of the same length from both points. Finally align these curves either by hand (Rotate + Move commands), or by Orient command (with Scale option set to No).

The easiest way to draw a line of certain length is to type the length as soon as you start the Line command. For example, if you want it to be 7 units long, type: Line Enter 7 Enter… and then you show direction of the line with left mouse click.

If these eggs are 3D objects, you use the Line command with Normal option and Orient3Pt command (or OrientOnSrf command).

Hi @andrew.nowicki
I upload file.
I hope them to pin at the end.

20201204 egg chair v2.3dm (165.3 KB)

My expectation:

however I hope to make them precise.

Your eggs are not symmetrical. Do you want to make symmetrical eggs? Are you using Rhino 7?

Hi @andrew.nowicki
I import spline from 3ds max. In 3ds max there are feature to model egg curve. then I rebuild in order to reduce control points.

If you want to make perfect, symmetrical eggs, you should make these eggs in Rhino rather than importing them from another program. Rhino does not have single command to make the egg shape, but it can make perfect ellipse and it can stretch it into the egg shape with other commands, for example Cage + CageEdit.

Do you want to make perfect, symmetrical eggs? I use Rhino 7.

Hi @andrew.nowicki
I just looking for a way make small egg tangent with big egg as picture above.
Please give me example file if you can make it.
(I guess It could not pin at the end if 2 eggs tangent)

Thank you

edit the control points of an ellipse until you get the desire shape
or ask the kids from rhino to imlement eggs
_Taper is a good tool here

if you are able to math and grasshopper y have equations here

“pin at this point” → if your curves are symmetrical there is


i would recommend the following workflow to draw the curves with the standard _curve Degree = 3 Command:

Draw a rectangle, explode, divide by N=4, (red)
draw a _curve Degree = 3 by clicking the resulting points.
include the corners to get 16 CVs
or without corners 12 CVs (in example, blue)
do symmetrical transform on the CVs with Gumball. (always select two or more symmetrical points, scale and move them)
use _curvatureGraph to get nice continuity. (result = green)

use boundingbox and ScaleNU to get precise messurements

best -tom