How to open .rimage files


I’m running a project where I batch render some .rimage to process later (DOF among other post processing)
However I see no basic way to double click and open those files in the Rhino “rendering editor”

Or do I miss something obvious

In any case I think .rimage files should by default be associated with Rhino and open in the render image editor…


Hi Willem - thanks -


Appreciate this is dragging up a thread from another era, but I have the same question. I’ve been saving the .rimage files from my renders in the hope there is a way to use them to get any data I forgot to export as normal image formats if I ever need it. But I’ve yet to find a way to open them.

Hello - you should be able to open these from a render window > File menu.


Ok, thanks. I’ll give it a go


It doesn’t work. At least not for me in the release version of v7.


I see, well, the underlying renderer has changed in V7 (to Cycles) , so it cannot deal with images made with the V6 renderer, but it can open rimages that are made in V7, I guess that is what you are running into.


No, these are renders from v7 trying to open in v7

Hm, that works as expected here… can you open this one?
Hm - need to zip it, Disco does not allow rimage files… (4.3 MB)


It seems the issue is that it doesn’t load properly when opening.

If I change some of the settings in the render window, then the image appears.

Incidentally, whilst we are here, the menus are not correct for the Mac. The options under the ‘Rhino 7’ menu in this video should be in a menu called ‘File’.

At this point, perhaps this is a Mac specific issue and should be split / moved to the Mac category?