How can I open Rhino 6 files in Rhino 7?

Anyone knows how to open Rhino 6 files in Rhino 7 or why this doesn’t work?

This should just work v6 files are compatible with v7.

What are you doing that does not work?

When I try to open a file from v6 it just stays on the screen for a second and then disappear. Then I’m asked to type the licens number for v6 , which of course has expired and then I´m stuck.

Is Rhino V7 aleady open when you try to open the V6 file? Or are you trying to open the V6 file and have it Rhino open automatically? Open can be used to open a file when Rhino is open. Rhinoceros Help

It sounds like the system may be trying to open Rhino V6. I use Windows, not Mac, but on a Windows system I would suggest checking the .3dm file type association and changing it from Rhino V6 to Rhino V7 if needed.

Thanks, I will start opening the files in various ways and see if that helps. I have a Mac but run Rhino in Windows via VMware Fusion

Hei Sigurd -

Note that VMWare is not a supported platform. That possibly doesn’t mean anything for the issue that you are seeing but just making sure that you are aware of this.