Grasshopper window moves everytime a new element is picked

grasshopper window moves every-time a new revit element is picked.

Very annoying, on select revit elements, like face, wall, floor etc, the grasshopper window position moves, as I like to have one screen dedicated revit and the other horizontally split between rhino/gh have to constatly re-arrange the grasshopper window position, or just give up with it floating in some random place.

I’ve always used Rhino/Gh on one screen due to switching from a monitor to laptop screen often. Working on multiple monitors and then going to one can be painful.

Try this in the options.


Hi @Japhy

This is not working, has not been able to get it to work.

Use the Grasshopper and Rhino buttons in the Revit Ribbon to control which one you want to be current.


Hi @arkadius.belov,

This should be fixed on v1.13.