How to modify SubD surface

Hello, I created a SubD surface from RhinoVault2 through QuadRemesh.

And now I want to modify this SubD surface into a less bumpy surface with creases, like the image below. I guess I can redo the QuadRemesh with less counts, but then I loose those creases. Any tips?

I included the 3D model.
HowToClean.3dm (943.1 KB)

I rebuild it using your model as reference. You essentially have a few flat surfaces that join at a crease. You can build this model with very few faces. I’d start with something like this.

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Well I can surely create that vault with few surfaces if I didnt have the middle part. I have a complex geometry going on in the middle, which I cannot build manually. So instead of building from scratch, I need to modify the existing 3d model. Any tips for that?

Start by deleting about 2/3rds of the edges you have there. It’s wayyyyyyyy over defined for what you need.

Keep deleting edges until the model Falls apart, then undo the last delete. That’s your starting point.