How to model this?

Hi @saaketsharma , welcome.

For questions like this it is nice if you can be a bit more explicit with your question - describe what exactly you want to do, and show what you’re trying so far and where you got stuck.
It’s also good when including images of others’ projects to say where the image comes from/the name of the project.


New here! my bad sorry , so basically what i want to do is model the roof essentially thats where i got stuck , this is a reference image that i got from stadiums of the future in 2050, to be built in Dallas. Thanks in advance.

you put Grasshopper in the category, you need to explain more. Grasshopper is for parametric, so I imagine you want something parametric. What parameters? Initial shape?
A script showing were you have problems is welcomed.


It’s not even clear from the image what part of that structure is the roof?

And yeah, a link to the source is common courtesy.