Modelling challenge: MAR – Rio Art Museum

Hi new grasshopper forum!

I am interested in modeling this roof in grasshopper - might be simple, if one knows how to do it…?
It would be great, if you could provide me some ideas.

The building shown is the Rio Art Museum by Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura.

This could be one way and in fact, you can create a similar one easily using " Patch" command in rhino, so calling it a challenge is considered exaggerated… (11.8 KB)

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sorry for late response. thank you very much!!!

That’s often true, regardless of the subject or knowledge domain. You put it more diplomatically than many here do, who often use variations of “This is simple but I don’t know how…”. :rofl:


Really? Wasn’t very important then, was it. :frowning:

Well played…!

I asked for an academic design and the design approach changed, so I kind of forgot this post.
Thank you anyhow guys!