How to model a pile of clothes

Does anyone know how I would model a pile of clothes like the attached image in rhino


Hi Surchek,

I would say it is almost impossible ā€“ or at least impractical. You could try to model it: just make the base shape of each clothing and start to deform it, but the real solution for this geometry would be simulation.

For simulation you could use marvelous designer or blender (free). If you want to stay in rhino world check out kangaroo or flexhopper for grasshopper

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If this is a learning goal, Iā€™d recommend you start with SubD models, and then you sculpt them for more realistic and detailed wrinkles.

If this is a business goal, you can just buy them:


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these are usually scanned by taking several pictures from around, using software like photoscan to generate a mesh with the texture applied. its a pretty fast and common method. if it has to be individual 3d i agree with Konrad, modeling each part with applied texture and using cloth simulations to stack them over each other.

modelling it as an entire stack as Gustavo suggest may be a bit tricky when it comes to texturing. of course you can paint the texture onto the mesh at any time but that needs quite a bit artistic patience and generating realistic textures by hand might not be so easy.

if it can be a quick and dirty job you could take a picture from a pile from above then apply it to a picture frame or surface then simply warp it up as a heap and keep modeling the edges out for more detail, either as as Gustavo suggests with SubD or just by dividing a Nurbs or even mesh surface gradually deforming it while adding details.