Creating clothing type folds in Rhino

Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any tips or techniques they would like to share? tia

Hi Aviva - this is pretty hard to do convincingly with Nurbs - they are too stretchy - typically fabric is simulated better with meshes, they just lend themselves to maintaining a constant area better. The Kangaroo plug-in for Grasshopper has some tools for this but as a general tool, I’m not sure Rhino is the best one for this.


That sounds like a challenge for Rhino. If it’s possible though at the moment, would be a great addition. I have a lot of ideas for a current site that I’m working on and the client is insisting on having different folders with separate styles for her theater demonstration project. She even asked me to integrate if I can some family outfits that she custom-made with the help of for one of her shows. She’s actually quite a creative artist and I will find a way to help her eventually.

The best tool for this is Marvelous Designer. You can get a month free and then pay $40/month.

I’ve used it some for my renderings, and it’s quite easy and fun to use.