Clothes hanger

How do I best model a clothes hanger in Rhino? An image is pasted (the white one).
I have gotten an assignment to model a clothes hanger after specific measurements, with a Mainetti hanger as a reference, but it is sculptural and bent and irregular and I cant get the rounded shape at the bottom with fillets and so on. How should i approach this? Sub-D modeling? or is there another way?
Thankful for an answer.
Kind regards/ Jonas

Hi Jonas - the sclupted elements may be easiest using SubD. But please post a file with what you have and some more specific questions - this feels a bit like ‘please do my homework’.


I´m helping a friend with files for manufacturing, but I´m an architect and only used to
modelling with nurbs and solids. I didn´t manage to get a good result with loft or fillet, I´m trying to get a result like the curvature in the white picture in the first post. But I haven´t managed to get it yet. So I´m just wondering if there is a good command to achieve this, or if modelling more sculptural things like this is better done with subd?

Than you for your answer/ Jonas

subd all day-

paper doll model from the front view, use minimal faces, extrude it front to back to get your volume, adjust the profile from top view

if you need mechanical fillets, model the subd with creases and then cinvert to nurbs then fillet as you would any normal polysurface

try this- I used a soft crease on the top edge-

hangar_subd.3dm (3.2 MB)

videos to watch-
watch this one first-

then dig thru the rest