How to mimic bending active in Karamba and kangaroo


I have some questions regarding bending active strucutres. I have done formfinding in kangaroo to afterwards do a loadanalysis in Karamba3D (baked the elements from kangaroo). However there are a number of elements that have regards to bending.

  • ‘bending strength’ in rod compnent in kangaroo
  • ‘Eps0’ in initial strain load in Karamba3D
  • ‘Kappa0’ in initial strain load in Karamba3D

I’m wondering what they mean in terms of structural behavior and how I can determine which value is correct to take?

(The question inin general but I’ll add the files just for sure)
free shape grid 2021 05 05.3dm (1000.9 KB) bending active grid - free shape 2021 08 05 (81.1 KB)

Hi, you can refer to this example on how to use the Kappa0 to define an initial curvature on your beams using a reference geometry (arc). The Eps0 would be appropriate when you also want to apply prestress to the element.

Further information can be found here: 3.2.1: Loads - Karamba3D 1.3.3 (29.5 KB)

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