Kangaroo bending

Hello. Do you know the difference between the two?
stiffness and bend strengh ? in kangarooo

Hi @user2918
That screenshot shows a very old version of the components.
I recommend using Kangaroo2, which I see you already have. There are some example files for it here.

The equivalent in Kangaroo2 would be to use the Rod component. It has inputs for axial strength (resistance to stretching or compression along the length of the rod), and bend strength (resistance to curving).

Thank you for your answer. I want to create a moving bar. But I do not know how it is possible with Kangaroo 2? And the most important question is what is the bending modulus in the kangaroo?

The bending strength for the rod/angle goal is EI, where E is the Young’s modulus, and I is the second moment of area.
For the axial strength of rod, or strength input of the length goal, the input should be EA/L, where A is cross section area and L is length.
(using units in Pa and m)

It’s not clear though to me from your screenshot and description what you want to do with a ‘moving bar’.

thank you very much. I want to do this work. how can I do this in kangaroo 2?
I use rode but cannot creat like this video . thanks for help me