Kangaroo bending

Hello. In this file, I tried to move the supports. And based on the axial and bending stiffness and their formula. But his changes are strange. Can you look at this file and tell me about its problems?
elastic.gh (17.1 KB)

It looks like you’ve got the axial strength set as EL/A instead of EA/L as it should be.

Note also that when there are no other forces or loads acting, the stiffness does not affect the shape - an elastic rod with its ends fixed forms an elastica curve, which can be described purely geometrically without reference to material properties.

elastic2.gh (17.4 KB)
Thank you for your answer. I tried in another file but it got in trouble again and it was very strange. Thank you for viewing this file as well.

That file is all working fine, that’s an elastica curve

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But when I make this formula that you said, I connect it. There is no curve.

My screenshot above is exactly the file elastic2.gh you just posted above, with no changes except for switching the solver on.
Note also that the Angle Factor should be set to 0 for a rod which is straight in its unstressed state.