Active bending with initial curvature


Recently, I have been working on a project of active bent gridshells. I have been using Kangaroo+K2E for the form finding and would like to use Karamba to continue the structural analysis. For that I would like use the load component initial strain, and more precisely “Kappa0” the initial curvature vector, to induce the prestresses due to the prescribed displacement/bending based on the geometry computed by Kangaroo. The beams are therefore discretised and the local coordinates as well as the curvature and the torsion are computed. My question is, what does the initial curvature vector represents ?

Do you think you can help me? Or detail me what “Kappa0” represents?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @olivia.bonjour.78,
the Y- and Z-components of the curvature vector quantify the the strain gradient over the cross section in the local directions. The X-component represents the increase of rotation about the beam axis per unit of length. See e.g. the examples which come with Karamba3D in the installation folder (e.g. Examples\TestExamples\Loads\ which you can access by double-clicking on the Karamba3D desktop icon. For more information see the corresponding chapter in the manual.