How to match the subD edge to the curve what I draw?

I make some kind of a mask looks like human face.
so I’m trying to make by sub-D modeling.
I don’t know how to match the line of the edge or eye of the corner.
Since I’m going to extend the surface, is there any way to match the edge part without using trim, while maintaining the sub-D surface?

sample.3dm (265.4 KB)

_Align _ToCurve

Thank you for the reply.
You mean the vertex point to align to a curve, right?
It looks like almost similar result what I expect. but, the corner edge didn’t solve the problem.
Is there any other way to this problem?


by hand.

A quicker way would be to create a temporary subd with the same edge count. Your curve has too many points. So you need to rebuild the curve, make it subd friendly, extrude and reflect it, add two edges and the two subd’s can be bridged or stitched. You might want to adjust the position of the added edges so it matches your red curve more closely.

sample.3dm (320.5 KB)


Thank you~ I will try it again. :slight_smile:

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