Easy way to bridge from existing subD to a curve making it edge

Hi masters! I am completely new to subD and starting to see major improvements I can have on my workflow.
I am trying to get a subD object to match a curve where I need it to be the edge of that subD. Thought that bridge would be the solution but didn’t achieve that yet.
From a mesh I produced a subD

with QuadRemesh.

I’ve produced the edges from a mesh border reworked to make it nice curves.

Now I need to make the subD finish at those curves. Any easy way to make it?

All the best mates!

You will want the ‘Align’ tool. Although it’s a little bit funky at times, result wise.

From seeing your file, I would:

  • first ctrl+shift+double left click to get your subds edge border edge
  • Run Align
  • Select the ToCurve option
  • Pick the curve

This won’t 'bridge the geometry, but will rather ‘match’ and ‘pull’ it away, so to speak. Maybe that’s not desired.

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Nice… getting closer :slight_smile:
I needed to create new patches and match those to align to the curve… In your solution it aligns the patches that already match the mesh below and changes the ending bulge… so not the best way to add material and make it continuing/tangencing to the desired curve, but that’s a good start :slight_smile:

I think what you could do, is firstly do Align as I mentioned. Then, Insert an edge halfway. So you’ve got two loops. Extract the outside loop. Undo the alignments. Then Bridge. When you insert the edge, make it absolute rather than proportional from the aligned curve.

My gif missed off the bridge at the end, but maybe you get the drift. Seems like a hacky way to me, but I’m sure someone more capable here will be able to help you. Also, I would look at the new-ish (I think) ExtrudeSubd command. Extrude the edge outwards tangent, then align to the curve.


SubD is limited in the shape of curves which can be exactly matched by a naked SubD edge.