How to map pattern on a sphere?

Hello experts,

How can I map the geometric pattern attached on a sphere please? And is it better to offset the lines before mapping or after please? Do I need to use one unite of a pattern or the tessellated pattern?
Also is it better to do it in Grasshopper immediately?

geometric_Pattern.3dm (240.4 KB)

Thank you for your great help as always!


Hi Nada - the first thing to try is FlowAlongSrf


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That was awesome help! Thank you so much Pascal!
I will try it!

If you want to avoid severe distortion of your pattern near the poles of your sphere, make so called quad sphere with TestQuadSphere command and explode it (with Explode command). After the explosion you will have 6 identical, curved surfaces which approximate squares. If you map the pattern separately on each square, the distortion will be tolerable.

There are many mapping commands: FlattenSrf, Smash, Squish, SquishBack, SquishInfo, UnrollSrf, UnrollSrfUV, ApplyCrv, CreateUVCrv, FlowAlongSrf, Splop, OrientOnSrf, ProjectToCPlane, and Project. I would use CreateUVCrv first to generate flat square from the curved (quad) square. Next, I would place the pattern in the flat square. Finally, I would use ApplyCrv command to wrap the pattern on the curved (quad) square.

WOW Andrew! Thank you very much for the super detailed steps, greatly appreciated!

Honestly I didn’t know that there are all these commands for mapping and of course I want it without distortion :+1:

Andrew you mentioned that you would place the pattern in the flat square, If I understood correctly, the main pattern would be the quarter (pls find it attached), Right?

Thank you so much!

Quarter-Pattern.3dm (129.0 KB)

Yes. Your model (Quarter-Pattern.3dm) looks good because the ends of lines match when you copy two squares and place them side by side. It should work.

Thank you Andrew! I will try it :+1: :slight_smile: