Geometric pattern on a sphere

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to figure this out since a couple hours but can’t find the answer. Any tips on how do I go about creating something like this:

Any help is appreciated!

The polyhedra plug-in might help - you can at least get the basic elements, even if they need to be recombined to get the sub-pattern you want.


I did this quickly so it’s not perfect but here’s a manual process I’d use.

LatticeSphere_BrianJ.3dm (10.3 MB)

It’s a puzzle relative to the pattern shape of course and Booleans will likely fail given the double curvature so if you need one closed solid, maybe do the whole workflow using a surface rather than a solid and then trim and join manually once they’re around the sphere. Then you can use OffsetSrf to make the solid.