How to make Oyler Wu screenplay?

Hello people,

I am having an exercise based on the Olyer Wu screenplay project.

This twenty-one foot long screen wall is constructed of forty-five thousand linear feet of rope strung through a series of lightweight steel frames. The wall is made from a repetitious steel framework with rope infill that varies over the length of the wall in three dimensions, forming a thickened undulating screen made up of dense line-work. In its orthographic, or ‘straight on’ view, the wall forms a meticulously organized series of patterns easily recognized by the viewer. As the viewer moves around the wall, its three-dimensional qualities reveal a more complex system of deep sectional cavities, twisting surfaces, and material densities.

I use a grid pinching to build steel frame for my structure but the problem here is that I can not find a way to create the twisting surfaces and material density based on the steel from the pinching grid.

I tried making twisted surfaces with contour on each surface but it was a nightmare. Can somebody help me?

Thank you!
Check the files below:

Grid Pinching.3dm (3.5 MB)
Grid (26.7 KB)

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The image that you are trying to replicate is constructed by a bunch of hyperbolic paraboloid (hypar) surfaces With straight edges, built with line generatrices, within chosen boundarys of 4 lines. you have to use this as a rule to build your surfaces, so first you have to get your ‘frame’ grid, consisting of non planar quads only