Parametric wall art


Seeking help on parametric form generation for this type of interweaving topography:

pictures from Behance by Denis Homyakov .

Was wondering what the starting point is to modeling this?
I am struggling with understanding how these surfaces are created so that peaks can merge and blend with valleys. Is this controlled by curves? Attractors? Image maps? Are these physics simulations?

Would very much appreciate any guidance.

I can manage to do stuff like this with curves and tweening but it’s kind of limited in its expression…
I guess I’m kind of looking for how people might approach this in a more parametric/self-driven generation if that is how it’s done?

Or maybe this is how it’s done and I’m just overthinking it and people are just inputting much more complex curves?

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I think what you are doing is a good way to do it but you might want to search this forum for “parametric bench” as I have seen some similar shapes that have been benches rather than wall art.

Perhaps there is some magic definition that always produces beautiful surfaces but I think it is more likely that you have to search for the magic set of parameters within your model that produces something beautiful. Maybe add more parameters / control if, like you say, you want to have greater control over certain details.

I spent ages tweaking a definition described in this discussion…

To begin with I thought my definition didn’t have enough control to produce something I liked but eventually I found a set of parameters that I liked on the screen. I turned this into a panel above a window on my house and I’m not sure I like it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the direction @martynjhogg !
Super cool work with the force field definition!
Definitely agree my current issue is a need to better define parameters.