How to make gumball align to the object in SubD editing?

I try to extend SubD face along its own direction so I need gumball align to the object’s direction.
Seems like it works when I select one face, but not multiple in this case.

Sorry for the background noise.

gumball problem.3dm (39.4 KB)

The Gumball only really aligns to one object. In the case of the second video where you select the top loop, I’d suggest relocating the Gumball with CTRL drag and then orient the Gumball again by holding CTRL and dragging the rotation handle (arc). To do all this, the Gumball should be in Snappy mode

I see this too, when selecting all edges in a loop but one, the gumball aligns properly, but once the loop closes, it realigns to the Cplane. Seems like a bug to me.





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It would be nice if they correct this, thanks!

you can always ctrl+drag rotate handle the gumball to realign it… with snappy dragging on, it responds to osnaps.