How to make bone-like with density?

Hey dear friends…
I would like to know how to make the attached (geometry photo) as solid !or with density for 3D printing ?
It would be appreciated if some one could help me!
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attached geometry

You’ve not attached any geometry.

We don’t need an image, we need the geometry file. The solution could either be really easy or not depending on how well made the geometry is.

There lots of discussion on old forum

Thank you dear friend
But I need this geometry as solid not a open breps as it could be seen in the photo and red circles.
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Until you send a file, good luck.

Without a file I will just tell you, extract the naked edges of the mesh, get the center point of each naked edge loop. Create a mesh cap from each naked edge loop to its center point. This assumes the mesh has no issues (which we can’t tell without a file).

Additionally, Mesh+ also has a Mesh Cap component you can try and Pufferfish has a Close Mesh component you can try. Again all depending on the specific mesh.

If you want to thicken instead of close the mesh then try Weaverbirds Mesh Thicken component.

Depending on which 3d printing technology you are using…you don’t need that object to be “solid”. the 3d printing software just needs to be able to slice it, then you can, most often, set the fill as you like. and…as others have stated, you need to upload a model that contains the geometry in question.

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Thanks a lot in advance for detailed response!
I just understood the last recommendation and I think it was work. I will attached the file here and if you can explain me better its a huge favor. I would like to know can I make a geometry as solid not open brep or surface- as it is seen on the file with controllable diameter of the struts or not?
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Ali (13.9 KB)

Thanks a lot in advance for your response dear chanley!
You mean without any density this geometry is printable? but the wall thickness should be at least double size of the printer nozzle. Today I’ve tried to print with nozzle 0.15 mm(D), but the diameter of struts with size 0.3 mm were not possible to print.
If I’m wrong please let me know.
Thank a lot! (13.9 KB)

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