Loft with centerline curve


This is a somewhat silly question, but I am unable to loft an object using a centerline guide curve. Is someone able to show me where to do this in rhino?


If you came from another software, Loft in rhino has a bit different behavior, it doesn’t need centerline through the cross sections, that’s how Sweep 1 or Sweep 2 works but the Loft command only needs the curves or cross sections and being selected in order.

Oh, that definitely explains it, thankyou. :slight_smile:

I also see I have to join all the lines of the center-line together before it reads them as 1 curve… interesting.

Many thanks.

mm that sounds weird, can you post an example to understand what are you trying to make?

Oh, something else I’m not used to - chain edges. It was on NO so I switched it you YES and it selected all the connected lines for me, without needing to join them.

Thanks again!