How to look at the object surface STRAIGHT from 45 degree angle on the screen?


I quess it should be possible to turn the object so that I can see it STRAIGHT from 45 degree angle from my point of view? (On the screen).

I run in to this quite often because the object (I’m working on) doesn’t always go hand in hand with the Rhino backround coordinates, etc.
I often do this by hand, but the changes/straight lines in the object aren’t very straight in the end :wink:

Thank’s for Your help!


You can place a CPlane in the orientation that you need and then call the Plan command.

perspectively or from an orthogonal view? you may try Isometric for a parallel dimensional 45° view

You could construct the 45° camera axis and then go into target viewport, press F6 and then you can manipulate with the camera as with any other object, so you can place camera and target points onto the axis. Then you can save it to Named views. Not sure if it’s quick enough…

How do I place the CPlane hand in hand with surface? (I want to watch in 45 degree angle).

I thought it would be something like activating the surface you want to look at (from 45 degree angle), and then somehow the object/surface turns automatically in 45 degrees in relation to you who are watching it?

Hmmm… good point. Haven’t thought about that.
Most of the time I work in perspective mode but naturally use the other
views (sometimes) as well.

Have to try that.
By the way, HOW to use it? Is it like activating the surface (I want to
look at from 45 degree angle) first and then…?

(I mainly use T-Splines so even I’ve been useing Rhino for years, many of
the everyday commands might be strange for me).



Sounds complicated (for me) :wink:
Have to go in to that…

Like I told in some other answer here, many of the Rhino commands are quite strange for me (as a T-Splines user), so I have to go step by step.


Hi Johnny - run the CPlane command - see all of the command line options? You can use Object or Surface to set a plane to existing objects, or 3Point etc.


Nice, it works! :wink:

Is there any other way to go back to the original cPlane than the ‘previous’ command? (In those command line options).


If you pick World, you can then pick one of the default ones: Top, Right, …

Yes, and there is the ‘bottom’ if going back to the original.

Thank’s, Wim!