How to learn grasshopper?

I watched a tutorial about modeling a shape in grasshopper. I applied the same commands as the video and reached to the same result but I cannot make anything out of those boxes and conections. How do they know what output needs to be connected to what input.
Please guide me.

This is how Algorithm-Based design works, you can’t do anything out of the nodes… ( like free form model, or anything like that), with grasshopper, tons of commands/nodes (whatever they called) make the things stuck to the values you choose.

I recommend keep watching new videos, and read about grasshopper. you will be familiar with it.

Hello Alex
If you go to the Rhino web site: navigate to the grasshopper community, then select ‘learn’ followed by ‘getting started’: right at the bottom you will find the link to a basic 101 pdf.

I remember some similar experience. I thought that an A output could be linked to an A input. But, it does not work like that.

From what I learned (I am not a professional and I am still learning a lot), there are:

  • points;
  • curves (lines, polylines);
  • surfaces;
  • meshes;
  • other data;
  • and than all kinds of components to create and manipulate those.

Every component has a different outcome of those previous mentioned elements.
The maker of those components used characters to represent the outcomes as clear as possible. However, it does not always represent the elements like pts for points, or msh for meshes.

The characters that represent the outcome refer to the outcome made by the specific component, not to the kind of output.

You can see what kind of ouput you have by putting the output of a component to the input of a panel (double-click mouse button and type panel or “” ).
When you understand the basics of how to create those elements in general, you can start to look into the understanding of data structures (or you just do this just while learning the basics (maybe that is more easy)).

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