Grasshopper creating nodes from curve geometry

Hi is there anyway to create all the nodes that are required to make a curve by reverse engineering it from a curve geometry?


Hi @Ace

It’s not clear from this description what you are after. A sketch might help.
By nodes do you mean NURBS control points, or Grasshopper components?

Hey @DanielPiker,

What I mean is if I draw a curve in rhino can I extract all the point controls into nodes in grasshopper?

I want to import a curve from rhino to grasshopper then delete that curve and just work with the settings that are in grasshopper and edit them.

I’m new to grasshopper so it takes a long time to make the curves I want, but if I can just convert rhino curves into grasshopper data then I can understand better how to make these types of curves.


try the ‘control points’ component, under curve/analysis

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