Sculptural Patterns Rhino + Grasshopper Help

Hello! Very new to Grasshopper. Talk to me like I know absolutely nothing because that’s the truth. I’m trying to take a vector pattern from Illustrator, import it into Rhino, loft that pattern, and then control the direction of the lofts via 2 attractor curves. See reference image attached of a piece of sculpture that is very similar to what I’m trying to do. I was able to do this with an extrude to point, but I do not want the shapes to come to a point like in the reference image, but rather to a flat as if they were extruded with draft. Can anybody help me understand how to do this? Thank you for your time!



Hi Sean - what happens when you use the Extrude component instead of the Extrude Point component?

Hi Wim! Well, perhaps it’s the way I’ve gone about the entire thing. I’ve built the attractor curves based on the center points of each shape in the Illustrator pattern. So I’m not sure how to get the extrude to attract to those points in the same way that I can get the extrude to point to do that. See my files attached…

I’ve completely hacked this together after watching 3 different tutorials and having never used Grasshopper, so I anticipate that it’s pretty messy! (45.6 KB) A2.3dm (777.5 KB)

Hi (45.8 KB)

By changing the move to the extrude command, you extrude the curve in the direction of the vector.
I’ve also removed some of the duplicate components of your script.
However the top and bottom have the same size. I don’t know if you want this or for the top to get smaller.

Thank you for your help, Chris! I had originally intended it to taper, but this makes sense. I ended up making it work with a lofted profile somehow, but I’m stumbling my way through this program trying to understand it so I couldn’t tell you how :slight_smile: See the loft file attached… (56.0 KB)