How to integrate such an LED panel? (19.5 MB)
Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to expand the cad in a cool way to add such an LED panel. The whole thing is inspired by the Bugatti la voiture noire and the back of a Porsche. The round shape in particular makes it so difficult to make it look elegant. No matter what I try … Any of you have a brilliant idea?

Hello - there is no way to help really without more information or a file. Are you asking for design suggestions or modeling help?


You’re right, of course, I uploaded a file :). First and foremost, I am interested in suggestions on how something like this can be integrated into the design in a cool and aesthetic way. Thank you.

model the shape as one would normally, then apply an emitter material to the part and render.

Hm - still not very sure where you want it or how but I had a play-


Thanks in any case, every suggestion is helpful at first :slight_smile:

I thought more about making a slightly protruding LED panel on the lower half of the sphere. It is of course difficult to put into words if yourself don’t know exactly how to do it best :smiley: