Creating a surface in Rhino of an automobile body panel

I am creating a 3D model of an automobile. I am using the surface commands in Rhino 7. I would like instruction on ways to create the fender, driver side body panel, passenger side body panel, hood, roof, trunk, driver side rear body panel, passenger side rear body panel, driver side body doors, passenger side body doors, lights, front window, rear window and moonroof.

I will be using the 3d model for a prototype. The prototype will be digital or an actual vehicle.

Please forward any suggestions on the easiest way to create the panels and digital prototype.

Hello Moses,

there are 2 things to consider. You need deep knowledge about Rhino and you need to know how to model exterior parts for a real car. I have learned both in a process of years. I cannot imagine where to start explaining what you need to know. Even if you follow tutorials, you cannot apply that to your model or expect that this is sufficient to get the job done. I personally would not even use Rhino for this particular task.
So lets hope that you have not contracted yourself to such a task, because you’ll likely fail. At least when I’m interpreting your message correctly.
If you want to learn that, currently there is only one good way… You need to find professionals and start working with them.


Thank you for the reply.

Moses Z. Johnson, Jr.
President & CEO
Amani Technology Group, LLC

Your question makes no sense, you are clearly in over your head here. There’s no trick to it, you just need to be really good at everything!

Please find someone to help you who actually knows about automotive design and 3D modeling for prototyping.

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Dear Moses Z. Johnson, Jr. President & CEO Amani Technology Group, LLC

i hope its not one of those products which cost a lot of money and kill a lot of people in the end because somebody had a huge ego and funds and equally zero knowledge and respect for people actually capable of developing it.

people here are very eager to help, even if some complete noob comes along. as long as they have targeted questions i have seldom seen somebody not getting what they need. but trying to envelop the entire development of a car into a TikTok topic will probably not work out so easy.

just that you know why you are getting strange responds, the way you demand the list of items you would like to construct seems very much like an outrages unreflected request… there are so many tutorials out there… did you already have a look? or did you buddy from class tell you all about his friends on mcneel discourse?

if you are serious with all that outlined above then show that you have some work done yourself, lets start with some sketches you have. start with one sketch one part you would like to model first, maybe step by step it can become an interesting topic, but falling in with the door on your chest is not a good method… when i try that method with a person i find attractive i usually also fall on my nose.

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let s wait for this starting-point.

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“Any set of phenomena has a near infinite number of potential interpretations.”

I suspect that the OP already knows this… See ATG’s Automotive Concepts 2016 - Freelance 3D Modeling Design - Cad Crowd

In that case…

Use Rhino.

If its a «cybertruck», where you have planar panels, then various curve tools, the align command and PlanarSrf might be a start.

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