How to increase density of polygons when exporting mesh?

hi guys,

I am trying to export a mesh from a nurbs form in rhino (mac) but I am finding that the polygon density is not enough. (I need a smooth surface for 3D printing). I already have it up to maximum density in the export options. I have also tried importing it into zbrush, but the form has very fine details and neither the zremesher tool nor the dynamesh function in zbrush are able to interpret the form correctly.

is there a way to increase the polygon density for meshes beyond what is provided by the existing export options in rhino?

hoping someone out there has some suggestions. any help would be much appreciated.

there a button to push which gives an expanded dialog with more options…

for this sphere, i’ve set maximum edge length to 1 unit… so the longest edge of the mesh will be an inch…

see here for more info on the individual settings:

thanks a lot for your reply jeff.

unfortunately none the polygon mesh options served to increase density beyond what I could achieve with the slider.

i tell what did work though - increasing the size of the actual model !

yeah, that’s not the friendliest of dialogs… i’m thinking it’s possible to get the results you were after without increasing size but if you found a way then that’s good.

maybe next time, upload a .3dm here and someone will help you get the mesh to your liking.

hi jeff, im sorry i didn’t mean to sounds unfriendly! i truly did appreciate your help and suggestions. i tried tweaking it with the options but i couldn’t figure out how to increase density without increasing size. the problem with my method is that it only goes so far. for example I found there was no difference between 100x and 1000x. i wonder what you recommend tweaking to do the equivalent of a change in scale?

ha… i didn’t mean your dialog was unfriendly…

i meant ‘dialog’ as in the dialog box which is used for the meshing options… and friendly as in User Friendly…

in other words i could of said…
“yeah, the meshing options are a bit confusing… i’m thinking it’s […]”

as far as recommended settings, it’s usually situation dependent… if the density slider doesn’t do the trick on a particular model, then there’s not really a general type setting beyond that… if you can, upload your .3dm here (or part of it) and some people will be able to give better recommendations and/or comparisons of the different settings for your particular case.