How can i increase polygon count for an object that is exported from cnc machine?

hello friends,

i want to build a wooden object by cnc machine
i made a model by rhino and exchanged it to mesh… in pop up window i increased the polygon mount to maximum renge. but after receiving the wooden object from cnc machine, it isn’t curved-model. and it is edge-edge or flat-surface- flat-surface

what should i do???

Hello - I’m not sure I understand but I think generating a new mesh from the surface object using the ‘Detailed Controls’ is what you need - more info on the controls and what they do is here:


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Do you or your manufacturer use any CAM software? If yes you don’t need to convert your model to the mesh. Just export your model to the fielformat which CAM accepts, e.g. igs, stp, in case using dwg or dxf you need to tune the export scheme in the Rhino.