Polygon Export options for using objects in gaming advice required please

Progs like Blender, 3DstudioMax etc are used to add objects to games such as flight sims.
I see export selected .3ds for the latter, what are the other options I could use in the export list e.g. for Blender, note I am V5 at the mo.

If a rule states so many polygons , how do I ensure the object is less than or equal to that polycount ?
To test, I have drawn a cube, select it, export selected choose 3dstudio, click options and no options appear, tried twice, what is wrong ?
aha needs to be exploded then joined again, so Primary shapes dont work.
now i see controls though no indication of how many polygons.

I do another and that options panel appears and doesnt do anything, yet this time it was exploded and joined, same cube in fact !

The simple slider is about number of polygons, the detailed controls loses the ‘count’ ability.

Skinning, things also need to be flat for the texture creation and mapping, is that done in Rhino or Blender or 3Dstudio and if in rhino is there a preferred one like UnrollSrf or maybe Smash ?

Any tutorials on taking Rhino into a game I would be grateful to know about.


Hi Steve -

Use PolygonCount to check how many triangles there are in a mesh and ReduceMesh to set a target polygon count.

Hi Wim,
many thanks.