Mesh problem


I’ve ran into a jagged render, also in shaded preview you can see it. Adjusting the mesh density to the max in properties helped but not enough. It’s the first time this happened, not sure why. How can I solve this?

ps it’s positioned at the origin.


Try these settings for starters - (I’m modelling in mm)

  1. Increase this to get more mesh triangles into the mesh solution.
  2. Reduce this to get more mesh around the radius of curved things.
  3. Reduce this if your mesh twists/breaks up - larger values can work well with reducing poly counts for pipes.
  4. The smallest dimension of mesh you want to be created.
  5. Only needed if you want a massive amount of mesh created (like on displacement objects).
  6. The maximum deviation between your mesh and your nurbs. Smaller values = greater mesh detail.
  7. I’ve no idea what this does but 16 seems good…!

Hopefully this helps?

Hi Philippe - see

for more info about the detailed controls.


Great! this solved it! Thanks a lot!