How to import Dynamic Blocks from AutoCAD?

Is there a trick to import AutoCAD drawings with dynamic blocks?
I have drawings showing screws like this. They are all different states of one dynamic block:

However when importing them the current block state gets lost, all states are shown:

There are no tricks, no. Rhino doesn’t support dynamic blocks.

I tried to convert the blocks in Acad first using the first LISP file from here: . The script seemd to work in Acad, I run the acad purge command. But when I then open the file it stil comes with many unused block definitions:

this is the orignal file with dynamic blocks Dynamic block sample.dwg (784.3 KB)

@mary - Do you know what to do in AutoCAD to get (something) into Rhino?

So far this is the best solution. still clumsy though: using this LISP from I could explode the blocks.
I still have to delete the blocks in Rhino though. Then below the block the actual screw remains as lines.
ExplodeAllDynamicBlocks.lsp.txt (1.8 KB)

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Hi Goswin,
I have logged this as bug RH-51073.

I want the developers to look at why the file that the LSP is routine is run on looks ok in AutoCAD, but in Rhino shows all the embedded dynamic block options.

I do not know how Rhino can handle display of the AutoCAD dynamic blocks without fully supporting the feature. But maybe Rhino can open file so it looks like it does when AutoCAD opens it. Prior to opening the DWG in Rhino, the DWG file was modified by the undyna_block.lsp posted by the AutoCAD guru, Lanny Schiele. This LSP reduced the dynamic block to only display the current block state.

Currently the closest option in Rhino to AutoCAD dynamic block is provided by VisualARQ add-on and it is called Grasshopper Style Blocks. However there is no automatic link between AutoCAD dynamic blocks and VisualARQ Grasshopper Style blocks.

Thanks for being this to our attention.
I am hoping there is a better solution.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

@mary Thanks, I don’t think Rhino needs to support dynamic blocks. But It would be great if a dynamic block opend in Rhino would look the same as in dwg. (converted to a simple block or even exploded and grouped)

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+1 on that issue.

This is what RH-51073 DWG File Opens Incorrectly in Rhino requests: Rhino should be able to open the file so it looks like it does when AutoCAD opens it.
At some point the developer may open the bug for public viewing and I will add the link to this thread.

Mary Ann Fugier

I ended up usign a licensed Autcad plugin from to convert all dynamic blocks into static blocks in the dwg before importing. works very well.

Sorry for ressurecting this thread but as the issue has not been solved in Rhino 7 i would like to ask @mary whether or not to expect an update in the near future.

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In my previous company I tried to show many colleagues that Rhino is great for 2D technical drawings too.
(I actually generated a lot of drawings via Rhino . So when those colleagues opened their favorite dwg files in Rhino they saw the mess that happend with their dynamic blocks. I had to tell them there is no way to fix this. They closed Rhino and decided to stick with AutoCAD. Shame!

Personally i don’t expect that everyone is willing to replace AC for drafting purposes.
So with that in mind (that the industry will continue using AC for drafting), opening a .dwg is should be a standard feature right?
For me this “bug” has a huge impact on my workflow’s efficiency as everytime I want to import a .dwg, i have to clean it up first. It goes without saying the necessity of having an AC license to do that…

Hi @g.synetos,
Thanks for checking back. The McNeel YouTrack system is public and the item RH-51073

You can follow it and add additional comments.
Unfortunately, it is on the developer’s list but has not been scheduled.

Please keep asking about this from time to time.
Maybe we will have good news some time soon.

Mary Ann Fugier

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I would if Rhino was snappier. there’s too much lag in the gui at the moment

Hi Mary Ann,

today a good customer was asking about importing hidden Blocks from AutoCAD. Please can give RH-51073 a higher priority.



Hi @mary

Any chance to finally have this feature in Rhino 8?
Wish: Support Dynamic Blocks (was DWG File Opens Incorrectly in Rhino) : RH-51073 (

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Hi @g.synetos,
I hope so.
Currently it is on developer @tim Hemmelman’s list.

It is scheduled for 8.x, which is a service release to Rhino 8, or Tim can get to it before 8 ships, then it may get into Rhino 8.
That is all we know.

Getting is on the logged on the list is all we can do.
I will add a note that you asked about it to day.

Mary Ann Fugier