Import AC template into rhino?

I am new to Rhino having just purchased V5. I have been an AC user for decades, and Sketchup since V4. I would like to know if i can import my AC template which included all my layouts for paper sizes with title blocks etc, and will this convert to similar in rhino?

AutoCAD template files are just DWG files with an alternate extension. So you should be able to open or import it.

Yes Autocad>Rhino is perfect, including importing template and layout sheet into Rhino.

I have some DWT files (US Coastguard Templates) I’d like to import into v5, but when I change the file suffix to DWG rhino hangs- escape will cancel, eventually. The DWT’s are straight off the USCG website.

Any ideas? I uploaded MULTI-SH-A-L_2014.dwg (830.9 KB) one of the dwt’s, to get it to upload I had to change the .dwt suffix to .dwg… It’d be great to be able to open these.


Hi Cognitdiss.

I opened in AutoCAD to verify - an audit found no errors and it is a 2013 version file.
Opening in Rhino was instantaneous and all 5 layout sheets are there as per AutoCAD.
When I import, I get nothing.

The drawing does have nested blocks and dynamic blocks so may be a good scenario for testing.