Exporting V-ray materials for 3ds Max?

I am wondering if there could possibly be a way to write something for Rhino to export ether an entire scene from Rhino with it’s v-ray material properties, or perhaps export a txt file that contains all those properties that I can then enter into a 3ds max material?

I know this is a weird request but I am trying to collaborate some work between 2 artists; 1 rhino and the other Max user. the Max user would usually end up being the final artist for 90% of the projects. However for the past several years, the Rhino artist was doing all the production. It would be super helpful to be able to use the hundreds of materials that are unique to this company that have already been created.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Vray 3.5 and above gives you the option to import vrcenes exported from other programs into 3ds max, including Rhino. Simply export your current rhino scene as a Vrscene.