How to heal hole in trimmed mesh?

On a figure scan I spy an area that wants trimming off. at red line.

I create a surface and use MeshTrim. I am left with a hole to be sealed up.
How do I seal that up ?

grey sheet is mesh from the surface and purple the surface used for cut .
I cannot post the figure file but can post the bit cut off ! same thing !

how to heal the end over.

I have tried turning the cutting surface into a mesh, then using existing mesh with its hole to trim it (MeshTrim) but result was a ragged mess not a neat sheet . would I then have used Mesh Join ?

How does one join that to the mesh ? (if it had worked as a circular mesh )

This is important as anything I cut out will need filling in.

trim and heal over hole mesh.3dm (111.6 KB)



The easiest answer is to use the FillMeshHole command. Does it do what you need?

This is one of the best reasons to upgrade Rhino to version 7. In Rhino 7 MeshBooleanSplit works well.

I try FillMeshHole, asks me to select edge of hole, I pick and a small line goes yellow, whilst I am wondering do I work my way around it it takes on a splinter effect.
another pick sees the entire mesh get selected,

This is a classic use of FillMeshHole

so no joy there. it fails in its primary mission.

rhino7 is after my win10 rebuild now 2 weeks behind planned start, as I must get this job done first !


I try again, I discover DupEdgeMesh so gat the edge selected, ctrl j that, then use that to trim my surface used for the cut.

Now I have a surface that in thoery fits the hole.

I convert it to mesh with Mesh command. then Ctrl J it to mesh. and it joins :slight_smile:
I run ShowEdges and have 91 naked edges , before it was 0.

zoom naked and they are all around that edge !

damn !

here is the bit cut off, anyone can play with. (I cant post the actual figure)
trim and heal over hole mesh.3dm (111.6 KB)

Basic stuff failing me, what is best method ?


Hi Steve -

Select the mesh tube and hide everything else. Run DupBorder on the mesh. Run MeshPolyline and select the curve that was created in the previous step. Select both meshes and Join.

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the actual hole is part of the entire figure, so there is a short bit of tube coming from his chest then the hole in its end.
I wont be able to select the mesh tube and hide everything else as the hole will also then vanish. is that a problem ?


Hi Steve -

No. You just need that border curve.

Hi, followed carefully, see storyboard (reads downward)
It includes the initial trimming of the rod to make the hole as well.

and all good to end, had a mesh disc there, joined it, said 2 meshes joined in command line, then deselect mesh and a hole and no mesh in it.

um ?

here also as an attachment for those who after a click then a second click cant see this full size.
…forget that, attachment is how it is uploaded anyway, so it should downloadable ?

Right click copy image then open an image viewer and paste.

…solving the failure, undo join and flip the mesh disc, try again, success.

Hi @Steve1,

Your storyboard images are far too small to see what is going on.

@wim 's process works fine on your trimmed apple umbilicus:


Edit: and in your other example

when clicked, if then clicked again they go large. on my screen i can read them if i do that.


Sadly, that doesn’t happen in my browser :slightly_frowning_face:

It takes some time to do and essential to show things , so if folk cant see this image at its normal size thats VERY WORRYING.waste of my time.

What if you try a different Browser ?

I am using Firefox.

I will also make it an attachment, folk can open it on own PC then !


I’m afraid that that would be a step too far…

I have added suggestion for folk with inability for it to display at full size, right click copy then image handler edit paste.

that also means that any of the single image files are also not showing up at the correct size.
Thus all my posts with single screen grab explanatory images are failing.

Is this how it is for folk, please you guys let me know.

I will post a thread and with some links to posts to find out.


Single images are fine, it’s just the ones you call storyboards.

Hi, I wonder if I have same problem viewing e.g. one made by you.
I have made a new thread asking of mine, can you place several screen grabs one above the other as a test and post to see what happens. I always resample a bit, 70% or so, and save at quality 9 or sometimes 7, checking for readability, to keep file size down.

This is very worrying to me, a lot of effort goes into them, means I fail to get the situation and what happened across. In the storyboard may lie what I did wrong.

a copy paste to ones own image editor is one workaround, but has this revised forum engine messed things up ?



Using FillMeshHole or using the MeshPolyline method achieve the same exact result on my end - with one exception. When I use the MeshPolyline method, Rhino puts some of the mesh triangular faces inside out. This is easily fixed by running UnifyMeshNormals.

Again, both methods result in identical closed meshes.


No problems here viewing your storyboards or single images. They work as you described, when clicked they pop-up at a small size - click again and they switch to large size.

I’m on MacOs. Worked fine in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


Ryan, another useful command to make note of, UnifyMeshNormals, cheers.

Kev R, thanks for that.
I am being told its a problem on smartphones in my specific thread asking of folks experiences.

The tool of choice for running Rhino !

Puzzled look emojee !