Help for restore a holes in a polysurface

Hi guys, i’m new here and in Rhino too, so maybe it’s a simple problem but i can’t find a solution.

I created an ellipsoid and after that i did some holes on its surfaces, but now i need to cover one of them with a surface but i can’t find a way to do it. I saw a command called “cap planar hole” but it’s work only for planar surfaces and it’s not my case.

Taller 6 new.pdf (408.8 KB)

that’s the hole i have to cover, i hope i was clear in the description of the problem.
Thanks for your help and attention,

Do you mean to remove the hole as if it never existed, or do you want to build a polysurface “plug” that fills the hole?

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‘deletehole’ could work?

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I want to “plug” it so i can put the glass material on it.

I would approach it this way

  1. Make a copy of the polysurface
  2. Hide the original
  3. Explode the copy
  4. Use Detatch Trim on the inner and outer main surfaces where the hole edges are
  5. Use those curves to Trim the surface area outside the hole edges
  6. Shrink the trimmed surfaces
  7. Join the two newly trimmed surfaces with the surface that connects them making the solid plug
  8. Delete the unneeded bits
  9. Use Show to bring back the original polysurface

I’m trying your approach but i’m stuck at the trim point, with Detatch Trim you mean the normal Trim command? Cause i can’t find others and after i trimmed the main surfaces nothing happen.

The one in the Surface pull-down > Surface edit tools > Detach trim

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Oooh I’m discovering a new world! Ok i found it but i can’t select the inner and outer surfaces, they are polysurfaces could this be the problem?

Thanks for the patience, i really appreciate your help

Step 3, Explode the copy

yeah i did it already, but still not selecting the surfaces. I’ll try with another copy, maybe I did something wrong trying the others commands

You’re selecting the trimmed edge of the surface.

Since you’re so new, I’d suggest starting a command and press F1 to see the Help file for that command.

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Oh god i did it! I had to select the edges of the surfaces, my fault

Thank you very much!

Surface menu> untrim