How to heal hole in trimmed mesh?

One does not need to be in front of a computer to read this forum - I routinely read it on my iPad (like now) or even my phone, and like most people I know, I also do other tasks like e-mail, research, shopping, etc. on both. If I need to open a Rhino file to test or create a long or complex document, that’s a different story.

One step forward, two steps back?

I agree, it works mutch better than before but not always…
Attached file shows a very simple setup of two meshes. MeshBooleanSplit and all of the MeshBooleans are failing here with the flat mesh selected first. However if you move the cylinder 0.001 in y-direction it works.
MeshBehavior.3dm (76.6 KB)

I’m far away from understanding this…
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Hi Ferry -

I’ve attached that file to RH-48337 as a file to test when now code becomes available. Until then, MeshSplit worked fine on that mesh.